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Why the Vocari Hub?

Vocari is a Latin word from which we get our modern word, Vocation – what you do for work. But the root additionally means ‘to call upon, summon, to name or call out’. So, what if our life’s WORK is more of a calling than just something within our ability to draw a paycheck? Here at the Vocari HUB we decided there’s not enough time to just do some job, let’s journey to find out what it is we’ve been called out to do…and do it! So we ask, ‘What were YOU created to do?’


Rod Howard

Telecomunications & Energy Services Vocation: Elevating the Communication experience for everyone I meet

The VOCARI HUB is a great co-working space for ‘perspiration and inspiration!’ You can come focus on your work, take care of it, get it done, but you also have other like-minded people that are always connecting, informally in the kitchen or the common space, or also when there are organized events – all who are enthusiastic about enhancing their vocations and their lives – The VOCARI HUB is a perfect setting to keep you inspired personally and professionally.