What is The
Vocari Hub

The Vocari HUB is a place of intersection for entrepreneurs, business and trades people, investors, and big thinkers. You'll find a unique blend of people laboring in proximity with one another, all looking to close the gap between work and calling.

That is to say...what they were created to do!

Our Vision

Our Vision

WORK ...  just a necessary evil???

We don't think so. At the Vocari HUB we've found the principle of work is much deeper than simply something you do to draw a paycheck. We believe there's work in you to do. Whether through something unique, or a recurring and necessary piece of the societal puzzle, you were made to make value. It's a small paradigm shift, but one we've found essential to give the best of ourselves to the world around us.

The Vocari HUB is a physical space to practice this work. An incubator of sorts, not just of companies and growth, but of a culture of connectedness rooted in the fundamental understanding that we were created to do something of meaning here. So we ask and invite you to come explore...

"What were YOU created to do?"

Our History

Our History

The Vocari HUB is a bit of a work in progress. There were a few of us working in the same space beginning in 2010, but we've pushed out walls and remodeled and added workspaces and continue to invite people along. I'm certain we'll continue to remain, individually and as a shared workplace, a work in progress!

Your Facilitator .


Jesse DeBoer

HUB Coordinator