How Can The Boardroom Benefit You ?

If you work from home or a mobile office, you may be having your client, customer or partner meetings at the coffee shop. Now we love the coffee shop, but for some meetings it can be a drag. If you can get through the noise you still need to find an place adequate to sit and spread out your things.

Why not rent a professional boardroom to not only facilitate your space needs, but add a level of professionalism to your meeting that just can't be done at the coffee shop.

Our boardroom seats up to 18 people, has a presentation screen you can easily hook up to with your PC, Mac or tablet in a variety of ways, a 10ft whiteboard to map out your strategy, is private and is part of a professional office...also with coffee, tea, and WiFi same as the coffee shop! Your clients and partners will see the difference!


Benefits & Features .

82" 4K TV

Hookups for Mac, PC, Airplay though AppleTV, Chromecast, you name it. You can even watch TV if you want!

Hi-Fi Wifi or Ethernet

Advanced WiFi and ethernet available

Coffee, Tea, & Filtered Water

All available in the attached Kitchen

10ft. Glass Whiteboard

Map. It. Out.

Variety of dry erase markers provided

Webcam - Conference Phone

Video conferencing is a breeze. Easy to hook up to the webcam, USB mic, polycom conference phone. 

Sound Privacy

Switch on our audio masking soundscreen for sensitive conversations

Ease of Access

The boardroom is only feet from the front entrance. Ground Floor, easy to find!

Make an Entrance

Our most common feedback when people enter for a meeting or event..."What IS this place...It's awesome!"

Boardroom Photos .

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